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We take our inspiration from nostalgia and historical impressions, through particular moods adorned by seventies atmospheres.
Time and space are our concept sailing courses for finding ideas. Basing on traditional and characterised as folk-progressive, we found out we could meet also other influences. We feel free to look for many ways to communicate what happens in our hearts, as it is, either to initiate expressing in a precise way and change into something else or use other instruments and orchestration, according to the clearer inner landscapes.

de 630 CHF
Durée de l'animation:
de 1 heure 45 minutes
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Type d'événements
  • Club Événement
  • Festival
  • Événement Saisonnier

Point de départ:
Como (IT) Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 200 km

Langues parlées:
Anglais, Italien

Vidéo des performances


Original songs with some rearranged traditional ballads like John Barleycorn, Matty Groves and Scarborough Fair.


The band was born by four members of the Celtic Harp Orchestra, which in 2009 recorded "At The Firelight," a gift CD of traditional and medieval songs. Following the excellent response of the media, they decided to expand the line-up and record "Many Meetings On A Blithe Journey", released in 2012. Their music ranges from original songs to Celtic ballads and traditional medieval songs reworked in key prog-rock.

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