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Band - Ballonett-Confetti-Disco-Show

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Ce que nous offrons

SUPERFLIP is singer and rapper. His ironic and amusing lyrics are about nightlife, love or nostalgia. He will come either with his 6-man disco band or solo. Superflip will create a state of exceptional circumstances by using balloons and confetti and therby will bring the most lethargic crwod to move. No covers - instead you will hear original songs that are very entertaining.

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Nombre de membres: 1

Langues parlées: Allemand, Anglais

Point de départ: Zürich (CH)

Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 100 km

Suitable for: Mariage, Fête, Anniversaire, Club Événement, Festival, Congrès, Événement Saisonnier, Fête pour enfants

Durée de l'animation: de 1 heure jusqu'à 1 heure 30 minutes

Equipement son: Nous ne l'avons pas

Equipement lumières: Nous ne l'avons pas

Prix de 500 CHF jusqu'à 1500 CHF

Conditions d'annulation: Modérées

Pour jouer, nous avons besoin de: ____________
1 Musician (Guitar and Vocals) + Backup-Track from MPC.
I bring: Instruments and Show-Equipment.
I need: PA-System with Monitor, Mixer, Light, Catering, etc.
Only after agreement about additional salary and driving cost.
5-6 Musicians with Drumset, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Saxophone and Vocals.
We bring: Instruments and Show-Equipment.
We need: Stage, PA-System, Technician, Light, Catering, etc..

We need space for 5-6 People with Drums, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone and Vocals.

We will bring our instruments as well as our amps.

However, we DO NOT bring a stage, a pa-system, lights or other visual effects, as well as all the required cables etc.

Gigs in reduced Band-size (e.g. 3-4 Musicians) are possible.

Erfahrung von 50+ Gigs in Regionen Schweiz und Süddeutschland

Ausgewählte Referenzen:
Barfussbar, Stadhausquai, Zürich
Radio GDS.FM, Zürich
Langstrassenkultur, Langstrasse, Zürich
Memphis Bar, Langstrasse, Zürich
Dock 18, Rote Fabrik, Zürich
1. Intro / Lehn’ Dich An
2. Feierabend Royal
3. Die Rettung
4. Schwer
5. Magnet
6. Viel zu gut
7. Wir Warten
8. Frau Supergirl
9. Nachtschwärmer
10. Frischluftzufuhr
11. Zurück Zuhaus
12. Freunde
13. Alles ist so Fresh
14. Danke

15. Bleib bei mir
16. Gut oder Schlecht
24.08.19 Splish Splash Open Air, Neuenhof, Aargau, CH
23.08.19 Dorfmärt Trimbach, Aargau, CH
01.08.19 Quartierfest Brauerstrasse 108, Zürich, CH
05.06.19 Barfussbar, Zürich, CH
04.05.19 Chateau Tiéche, Zürich, CH
13.04.19 LangstrassenKultur, Zürich, CH
09.02.19 LangstrassenKultur, Zürich, CH
27.12.18 Supershow, Stadtkirche, Göppingen, D
24.11.18 Memphis Bar, Zürich, CH
14.07.18 Dock 18, Rote Fabrik, Zürich, CH
13.07.18 Sommer.Lust, Lustenau, AT
19.05.18 Memphis Bar, Zürich, CH
28.04.18 Schlossplatz Openair, Göppingen, D
28.12.17 Waldheim, Göppingen, D
15.11.17 Sender Bar, GDS.FM, Zürich, CH
10.11.17 Liederw*orte, Lustenau, AT
04.11.17 Musiknacht Göppingen, D
26.08.17 Studio Aubert, Zürich, CH
01.07.17 Memphis Bar, Zürich, CH
09.06.17 Capone, Göppingen, D
26.05.17 Memphis Bar, Zürich, CH
28.04.17 Waldheim, Göppingen, D
27.12.16 Waldheim, Göppingen, D
06.02.16 Scala, Ludwigsburg, D
29.12.15 Club Bambule, Göppingen, D
... continued
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