Marisa - Singer&Performer - solo, duo, walkacts, moderator

Artiste multi-disciplinée,engagable comme chanteuse, pour performance,presenteuse&walking act.

Musicien München
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Ce que nous offrons

Professionally trained Singer, actress, performer&Presenter Marisa de Stefanow sing a wide sprectrum from Bossa Nova to Musical. She is bookable for theatre stakse, Festivals, corporate events and ceremonies of all Kind.Her vokal range covers a huge variety of styles, her heart Beats Samba and Bossa Nova as well as spanish/latin music.She can perform such with her live-trip or with instrumental playbacks.Furthermore, she can perform excerpts from her Soloprogramme "A Bossa Nova Story" that falls two Hours, but it is possible to show exerpts of certain elements. She also offers a Fifties/Sixties-Show in Petticoat-Style (solo or Duo with instrumental playbacks).
Marisa is also an experienced Wedding Singer who will underline your ceremony unforgettably. As a host she is experienced in presenting trade shows,Galas, corporate events as well as TV.
The stage is her home since her erliest childhood and her Studies in Performing arts&theatre at the Bavarian Theatreacademy, and her solo Engagements at several Big theatres have polished her talent and her Spectrum. Booking her, you will be garanteed the highest professionally and level.

de 1080 jusqu'à 2900 EUR
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Type d'événements
  • Evénement d'Entreprise
  • Mariage
  • Anniversaire
  • Club Événement
  • Festival
  • Cérémonie Religieuse
  • Congrès
  • Événement Saisonnier
  • Musique de fond
  • Fête pour enfants

Line Up Configurations
Marisa ist musikalisch buchbar als Solistin mit Instrumentalplayback,Duo,Trio&Quartett mit Live-Instrumenten,Solo-Showacts,tänzerisch als Solo,Duo- und Gruppenshowact.

Point de départ:
München (DE) Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 200 km

Langues parlées:
Allemand, autre

  • Nous avons un équipement son jusqu'à 100 personnes

Set Up
For solo singing, I need an electrical plug if my Bose L1 is being used.I bring everything else except lights.
For the entire band, we can bring a bigger PA and Lighting,but please check in the band category for more exact conditions.
For showacts, depending on the showact,I can bring my Bose L1 and my own microport or cable mic.Or I bring only my micµport.
If you would like to book pieces of my Soloprogramme,it is recommended to have a possibility to project huge art paintings&graphics to give the audience the full feeling of the work of art.I can bring my on projector and screen up to a certain size,but it is best to have an installed screen on stage or even better,LED-walls.Please note that the rate will go up for a bigger element of the solo show if I need to bring an extra technician who will drive my show(about 500 Euro extra).
I can do it only with music, but it´s nicer with the full setup, of course!

Vidéo des performances

References / Experience

Landestheater Salzburg,Theater Mönchengladbach,AIDA Entertainment,Cabaret Lebenslust,ZDF,Sat1,Messen(IM Micro,ISPO,Electronica etc),Deutsches Theater München,Mercedes,u.v.a.

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