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" Hanspeter Kruesi, beside being recognised as a great guitar player, performer with a broad range of music stiles, particularly highly skilled in (Stanley Jordan's) tapping technique; is the one of the TOP guitar instructors online in USA. His guitar playing and video lessons, Guitar Tricks and Talking Guitar, had been visited over more then 10 years by large numbers of worldwide online visitors with the greatest interest! The way his guitar “talks” is simply the best: creativity, personality and a bit of humor, together with professionality, brings out a good and easy going musical experience to the high level and artistic improvement. "

de 450 jusqu'à 1190 CHF
Durée de l'animation:
de 1 heure jusqu'à 1 heure 30 minutes
Conditions d'annulation:

Type d'événements
  • Evénement d'Entreprise
  • Mariage
  • Fête
  • Anniversaire
  • Club Événement
  • Festival
  • Cérémonie Religieuse
  • Congrès
  • Événement Saisonnier
  • Musique de fond

Point de départ:
Egg (CH) Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 250 km

Langues parlées:
Allemand, Anglais, Francais

  • Equipement lumières

Set Up
Ein Stuhl ohne Lehne + eine Steckdose in der Nähe.

Vidéo des performances


- Claim Up
- Flamenco
- The Sheriff
- Heavy Session
- Los Lobos
- Heavy Metal Backing Track
- Ambient Cinematic Oboe
- 70s Club
- Evolving Moves
- Industrial Zen
- Acoustic Guitar Duo - Latin
- Vegas Beat
- Guitar Solo
- Heavens Destiny
- The Healer
- Introspection
- Mushroom Song
- Love Song
- In A Dream
- Madrid 2050
- Mediterran Forest
- Into the Sunbeam
- Earth Crying
- Victory - Fight for it
- Burning Inside
- Greener Piano
- Farness and Hope
- Samba Dreams
- Gradma's Apple Pie
- Feeling Free
- Birds
- Freedom
- Different Voices

---and many more!!!

References / Experience

Jazzfestival Jona, Jazzdisco Kanzlei Zürich, Scala, Theatertage Aarau, Open Air Schlauer Bauer, American Jazzbar Splendid, The Gig, Casa Bar Zürich, Acoustic Uster, Kulturrampe Bubikon, HPCRAZY - Event in Zusammenarbeit mit Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, ETH und Switch, Obere Mühle Dübendorf, Atelier Felix Joy, Kulturverein Volketshausen ( D ), St. Jakobs Kirche Zürich, Prediger Kirche Zürich, Kirche Seegräben, Kultur Pfedelbach ( D ), Eröffnung Golfclub Lipperswil, diverse andere kleinere Anlässe ( Geburtstage, Hochzeiten ) , Palace Hotel St. Moritz


- I have been a pioneer in online education running leading websites in the German part of Europe from 1.
- I have been featured as instructor on gibson and guitartricks in the period of 2006 - 2012 and I have been a representative for Switzerland on a international symposium 2005.
- I have been playing many shows and concerts in Switzerland with the high light on world famous Jazz Festival Montreux.
- I am working as a composer since 2003 having many placements in TV shows on Swiss Nation TV, BBC and ABC.

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