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Band - houstones milano rockband rock

Ce que nous offrons

Just a rock band who made rock album.

Nombre de membres: 4

Langues parlées: Anglais, Italien

Point de départ: Locarno (CH)

Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 500 km

Suitable for: Club Événement, Festival

Durée de l'animation: de 1 heure

Equipement son: Nous ne l'avons pas

Equipement lumières: Nous ne l'avons pas

Prix de 250 CHF

Conditions d'annulation: Standard

Pour jouer, nous avons besoin de: Drinks

- We Aren't Having Any Fun Yet
- 2nd Player Never Plays
- Fantasies Inc.
- Milano (or The Great Escape From The Country)
- Kgoy - Kids get older younger
- JUST BECAUSE you cut me
- Cityzens in army
- When macnamaras was living in Houston
Saul (main guitar, vocals, composer) and Nadir (bass and vocals) are two brothers who have been separated at birth, but reconnected when the latter discovered lost files in an attic where he was squatting with Massimo Valerio (drums).

Nadir went on a quest to find his lost sibling and eventually found him at the S.Vittore penitentiary in Milan. He showed him the family's documents and, once the sentence was served, Saul joined the duo forming the core of the Houstones.