Hit Mania Band - `90 DISCO TRIBUTE PARTY

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Band - '90 DISCO TRIBUTE PARTY - The best of 90s dance music for events and parties

Ce que nous offrons

The commercial dance of the 90s has given us many successes that still today are heard with great pleasure. Pieces launched by the historic Festivalbar and by the program of Albertino, Prezioso, Molella and Fargetta: the Deejay Time. Pieces that were then danced all night long in discos.

And here are two voices crazy and out of the ordinary: Mr.Liar and Lady G. will ferry us with all their inspiration dancereccio and their caliber singing through all the major hits of the '90s. To accompany them a well-rounded stage duo: Ripley Von Rokit in the triple role of DJ, Keytar and Sequencer, and Lord Mato behind the pads of the Electronic Battery.

Nombre de membres: 1

Langues parlées: Allemand, Anglais, Italien, autre

Point de départ: Lugano (CH)

Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 300 km

- Formazione a 4 (2 cantanti)
- Formazione a 5 (2 cantanti con vocalist)
- Formazione a 7 (2 cantanti, vocalist e ballerine/cubiste)

• MR. LIAR – Male Singer
• LADY G. – Female Singer
• RIPLEY VON ROKIT – DJ, Sequencer & Keytar
• LORD MATO – Electronic Drums, Pad & Programming
• VALE VOCALIST - Vocalist
• S.E. & J.E. - Beautiful dancing queens

Suitable for: Evénement d'Entreprise, Mariage, Fête, Anniversaire, Club Événement, Festival, Congrès, Événement Saisonnier

Equipement son: Nous avons un équipement son jusqu'à 1000 personnes

Equipement lumières: Nous avons notre propre système

Prix de 750 EUR jusqu'à 1690 EUR

Conditions d'annulation: Standard

Pour jouer, nous avons besoin de: We can provide an accurate technical rider for the organization of every event - business, private, beer party, summer party, etc.

Ci siamo esibiti per molte feste estive del nord-Italia e del Canton Ticino. Disponiamo di una solida attrezzatura live ed un intero service audio/luci per la serate di musica.
Alexia, Corona, Gigi D'Agostino, Prezioso, Cappella, Ricky Martin, Ice Mc, Backstreet Boys, Gala, Eiffel 65, Spice Girls, Robert Miles, La Bouche