DJ Fabione

DJ - Musica latina 100% (salsa, bachata, merengue, kizomba), anni '60,'70,'80,'90 e dance giorni nostri

Ce que nous offrons

I'm specialized in Latin music but I have also experience in music of the years 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and disco dance of today.
If necessary, I can collaborate with dancers and entertainers that allow to give a special touch to the party.
The work of DJ is a passion that I carry on with great professionalism, and it is the absolute passion for Latin music that made me meet the appreciation of those who dance.
I dispose of all the necessary equipment (consoles and audio equipment) which also allows me to work as a travelling DJ, weddings, private parties and festivals.
I believe in the well-being and emotion that can give the music if played at high levels of sound quality and, for that reason, I continuously invest in new technologies. My sound amplifying system is completely different from the traditional ones and allows diffusion of sound soft and pure, without forcing those who are close to the speakers in annoying volumes. No more deafening volumes or annoying reflections but a clean and crisp sound that spreads among the public with minimal variations in tone and level, whose purity and depth allows you to appreciate the smallest details.

By taking advantage of my service you're guaranteed the service of a professional DJ, writing to the association A-DJ (), in compliance with social security, taxation and copyright.

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Nombre de membres: 1

Langues parlées: Anglais, Italien

Point de départ: Modena (IT)

Nous voyageons jusqu'à: 400 km

Suitable for: Evénement d'Entreprise, Mariage, Fête, Anniversaire, Club Événement, Congrès, Événement Saisonnier

Durée de l'animation: de 8 heures

Equipement son: Nous avons un équipement son jusqu'à 450 personnes

Equipement lumières: Nous avons notre propre système

Conditions d'annulation: Modérées

Pour jouer, nous avons besoin de: Lavoro abitualmente in club già attrezzati ma dispongo tutta l'attrezzatura necessaria per la serata:
consolle, impianto audio Bose con una copertura efficace sino a 450 persone, impianto luci.... è sufficiente una presa di corrente vicino alla postazione dove si desidera collocare la consolle

Specializzato in musica latina, sono in grado di fare serate anni '60, '70, '80, '90 e dance dei giorni nostri.
Always fond of music, in 2002 I approached the world of Latin music with a desire to learn to dance. I attended the school of the famous teacher and dancer Sam Rabou that literally made me fall in love with Latin music .
My path led me to attend the school of the masters Carlo Parigi and Alessandra Manzini (vice world champions in 2001) who gave me the opportunity to start working as a DJ and live Latin music even from behind the console .
With professionalism, I am able to value the importance of your party respecting your musical tastes and those of your guests.
I work with a professional sound system from Bose that provides excellent sound purity even at low volumes and enables all guests to appreciate the smallest details making it pleasant to listen even to those who are close to the speakers .